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~ elegance with a twist ~

Erololi ~ the erotic lolita community ~
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~ a Lolita Fashion Community ~

Welcome to erololi, a community devoted to the sub-genre of lolita fashion. (For more information on lolita fashion in general, please see the egl community.) Lolita fashion itself stems from the clothing worn in the streets of Japan, and erololi, which really has some connotation of "no-sleeves", is a part of this fashion trend. This more mature style of dress involves slightly more revealing clothing with a slight fetish feel- though it is far from being what the Western world would call "gothic fashion." It still retains the basic elements of lolita fashion but implements things like collars, handcuffs, vinyl and garters. The blouses worn may be low-cut or just replaced by a nice corset (it may be ega- "elegant gothic aristocrat"-, vinyl, etc), and skirts might be shorter to give a peek at one's garters. Though the erololi shows her more mature, adventuresome side, she is far from being to star in some sort of pornography. She remains innocent to a certain degree by keeping some of the frills and accessories found within other lolita genres like amaloli, shirololi, kurololi, etc. ("Sweet lolita", "White lolita" and "Black lolita".) (So a better, expanded definition and explaination here.)

This community is for those who have an interest, dress in, or just enjoy the erololi fashion genre in general. If you are interested in joining, please do! Join, chat, share, be a part of the community that is all about supporting this lesser-known style of lolita fashion. ^_^

When joining the community you may feel free to make an introduction post in this format...
Your favourite aspect of erololi style:
How did you find out about the community?:
Post a picture of yourself (in erololi) or a picture of your favourite erololi outfit:


*Please note that membership is moderated and all posts must be posted under "friend's only". Also, being that this community many talk about adult concepts, anyone who is not 14+ will not be allowed into the community.*

Like any other community, this one has some rules that we would appreciate everyone following to the best of their ability:

1) Please try to keep to topics related to erololi. This means that the following are allowed: discussions of brands, questions and discussions on coordinates of outfits, sewing tips and showcasing items made by you, pictures from events, personal stories relating to wearing erololi etc, information about any events. Remember, these must all be related to erololi in some way or another. As this community is not a western gothic one, it is preferred that members try to stay away from things that specifically focus more on that subject than the more Japanese erololi fashion.

2) Large images, auctions and event notifications must be behind a LJ-cut.

3) Auctions are okay to post here, but they must be specifically related to erololi since this is what the community is about. So, please, no posting auctions for your Bodyline cotton, knee-length wa-loli dresses. Thank you.

4) Members are expected to be on their best behavior. No flames, hurtful arguments or just generally being mean or hurtful are allowed here. If you can't remember all this, remember the Golden Rule: treat others like you would like to be treated.

5) Please do not advertise other communities without asking a moderator first.
Any posts that are not deemed appropriate and break any of the above rules will be deleted without informing the poster.

Sister Community to: bdsmlolita